Everything Coconut 

When it comes to beauty care I only use coconut oil. I LOVE how it works on my skin.

After my work out I spray coconut water hydrating face mist. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It leaves my skin super radiant and so soft.

To remove my makeup at night I use actual Coconut oil. I always get it at marshalls. Its cheaper and it lasts me so long!

For a leave on mask while I sleep I use Coconut oil sleep mask.

Disregard my cat in the picture lol he LOVES coconut oil. Its weird, he always wants to lick my face when I put it on.

Coconut oil works wonders! Don’t you agree ?

Acai cup? Yes please ! 



Put some kale first, dump the frozen berries, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and strawberries into your blender. Add some powder protein and finely grounded flaxseed. For liquid I use the unsweetened almond milk because it has less sugar. A woman shouldn’t consume more than 30 grams of sugar but that’s all up to you girlies 🙂  Sometimes I use coconut water when I run out of my almond milk. And there you go! Your very own acai cup 🙂